At Accelerate Church we know the importance of linking up with like-minded believers. When you become a believer, it's important to make new godly friends and we know that doesn't happen in the short time we have before and after services.
Therefore Life Links was created to build those godly relationships!
Here's what you can expect at a Life Link group: 
1.) Food
2.) Laughter
3.) Prayer
4.) Discussions about the current sermon series

  • Mark and deborah farley | 8109 vail

    Step into a home that's full of laughter, love,

    faith-filled prayer, and delicious food! You’re sure to

    leave this home with new friends and

    encouragement to get you through the week!

  • alex and cassie kirk | 9220 Dowell Rd

    Young families need encouragement to not only

    survive but thrive in Christ. Come build your home

    for the Kingdom of God with food, fellowship, discussion of the Word, and passionate prayer.

  • bryan and drenda owens | 3309 lombard

    Genuine kindness, laughs a-plenty, and love all

    around; this group will bless adults of all ages. Comes

    share, eat, and edify while enjoying friendships

    founded on the Word of God!

  • Randy and bree mcmahan | 7811 tarter

    With a heart and attitude that specializes in caring and

    welcoming new believers, you’re sure to feel welcome

    in this home! A deep love for the Word, people, coffee,

    and snacks - you’ll leave this Life Link feeling

    encouraged and part of the fam!

  • larry brooks | LOBBY AT ACCELERATE

    Fun and wisdom abounds with this silver group!

    Come fill your plate with food and reflect with your

    friends. Biblical encounters, prayers answered, and

    the laying on of hands...what’s better than

    experiencing all that the Lord has given?

  • troy and chrissy holman | SANCTUARY, BACK

    Uplifting and comical, this cool coffee-sipping crew has

    friendly, profound, and sincere Christ-centered

    conversations focused on the Word. Come expecting

    and come ready to fellowship with some authentic


  • luke and jan whaley | 17201 lakeridge drive

    If food and fellowship speak to your heart, you will

    hear plenty! Come experience the Word and some

    fantastic foods. Discussing, praying, and laughing with

    love and fun friends. Life happens, let it happen with

    godly friends.

  • jim and candice kirkpatrick | 7406 Sinclair

    Life is delicate but Christ makes it strong. Through

    Godly relationships, the Lord works miracles and

    imprints upon our lives. Come for sweet tea,

    delicious delicacies, and overcoming testimonies

    with your young family friends.

  • pastor ricky and diana | 5745 canyon drive

    This group is a potpourri of unique and delightful

    characters who have a high regard for the Word,

    enjoy one another and welcome adults of all ages.

    Come for a refreshing filling of the Word of God. 

    This group meets in the Kingdom Keys Radio Building.

  • David and dana sandoval | propel room

    "A merry heart does good like medicine..." and you are sure to be filled with laughter with this group. This is where genuine friendships are formed, delicious food is prepared, and an excellent break-down of the current sermon series comes forth. If you're looking for new godly relationships to be built, this is your group! 

  • kenneth and libby kelly | 9302 Cagle dr

    “...Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!” - 1 Corin. 10:31
    Whether you’re looking for a friend, accountability partner, or family– this is the group for you. This group loves big, eats well, and laughs a lot, but most of all indulges in the Word! Party of 1 or 2? There’s room for you!

  • Grip & hannah fortenberry | 5815 contented ln

    “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend…” - Prov. 27:17  

    Here, you’ll find Godly friendships that sharpen one another while matters of the heart are shared, and Pastor’s current series is discussed. Bring an appetite for the Word and tasty food, and be prepared to fellowship with newlyweds and young families!